Triple Threat Martial Arts and Fitness

We are central Ohio's 1st and ONLY Marcello C. Monteiro BJJ affiliate academy.

There is something for everyone!

Get in shape

Prior to any instruction, each class starts with a 15-30 min intense cardio/drilling/strength/calestenic workout followed by some light stretching. We do this to get the blood flowing to the muscles and to help simulate your bodies natural response to stress should you ever be presented with the need to apply a technique in a self defense situation.

Self Defense

Each class is related to real world situations in which the day's technique are 100% applicable. The real world application of ju jitsu is what makes it so vital in defending yourself against an armed and unarmed attacker. We practice disarming sticks, knifes, and other weapons (WARNING! always comply with an assailant unless you feel harm is imminent).


While competing is not required it is encouraged, Being able to use the techniques worked on in class during live situations advance a students understanding their dynamics raising the likelihood of success if one was needed in a real-life attack situation. Our students have placed in the top positions at major tournaments.

Additional benefits for both children and adults

Self-confidence, self-discipline, family/team environment, teaches perseverance, helps with goal-setting, and many more.


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